// NOTAM 1980213 //

JoinFS Server Updated to 1.4.25

Our JoinFS server has been updated to the latest version as of today, 13 Feb 2019, which is 1.4.25. Please note there are a variety of fixes, including elevation errors for FSX/P3D pilots. This update is not compatible with 1.4.20 so please make sure to use the version matching the server.

If you are having trouble locating or connecting to the JoinFS server, please post in the #joinfs-support channel on Discord.

Get the latest update here: http://pmem.uk/joinfs/

// NOTAM 1970202 //

Group Flight - 3 Feb 2019 @ 1830Z

There is a group flight scheduled tomorrow from Randolph AFB (KRND) to Hurlburt Field (KHRT) start at 1830Z tomorrow. All pilots are welcome t attend that have at least successfully attended the Academy Phase 1.

Helos, turboprops (C-12, T-6, etc) can depart from New Orleans Naval Air Station (KNBG) and arrive at KHRT. This is a 177 nm trip between both airports.

All other aircraft (fighters, bombers, larger cargo aircraft) can depart from KNBG and expect a 606 nm trip.

Please be on the ramp with your aircraft fueled, flight plan loaded and connected to JoinFS & VATSIM.

If you plan on flying in formation, please disable your VATSIM traffic on the client you choose to connect to it.

See you on Discord!

// NOTAM 1961222 //

JoinFS Updated to 1.4.18

Our dedicated JoinFS server has been updated to version 1.4.18. This new update seems to specifically be a big help to shared cockpit users on X-Plane. If you are running an older version of JoinFS, it is recommended to update to the version matching the server. Pilots will need to at least be running version 1.4.14 in order to see the server in the "Hubs" section of the application.

If you are having trouble locating or connecting to the JoinFS server, please post in the #joinfs-support channel on Discord.

Get the latest update here: http://pmem.uk/joinfs/

// NOTAM 1941217 //

ACARS Fully Functional

The SIMAF ACARS is back working and is fully functional. If you are still having any issues with the ACARS, please contact the Air Staff on Discord.

// NOTAM 1951217 //

December Promotions

Congratulations to the following pilots who were promoted today:

James Crichton to Major General

Vladimir Linek to to Captain

Eleuterio Ramos to Major General

David Roark to Colonel

Mike Schmitt to General 

Davide Taliani to 2nd Lieutenant

Vincent Thomas to 1st Lieutenant

James Thomas to Major General

Let's give them all a warm round of applause for their hard work and achievements!

// NOTAM 1931216 //

ACARS System Down

Our ACARS system is currently experiencing some errors with a few pilots. We are actively working on fixing the issue and will notify everyone when the system is back working. The Events Center ACARS is still currently working.

// NOTAM 1921124 //

ENDEX of Exercise Inherent Vigilance



SIMAF Staff has decided to ENDEX Exercise Inherent Vigilance at this time. We would like to thank all pilot's and VSO's who participated in this exercise. We look forward to flying with everyone agin soon at the next VATMILEX. All SIMAF ACC and AFSOC assets are to return to their respective bases in CONUS. These flights are to be flown on Vatsim as well as joinFS. If your aircraft is inside of Syrian airspace you must fly offline until over friendly territory.


// NOTAM 1911123 //


Good Moring 

It appears by all the answers posted by the poll that the majority was selected the departure on SATURDAY 23rd Nov 2018 at 1500z, so I'll see you all at KTCM McCord FAB for the inaugural flight !


Kind Regards 

E S "MOTEL6" Ramos, AMC_CC

// NOTAM 1901112 //

Update to Exercise Inherent Vigilance FSX@WAR Scenery


There has been an update to the FSX@WAR scenery for both FSX/P3Dv3 and P3Dv4. We have added more target area's to the campaign so we have more than enough to last until the ENDEX on December 16, 2018. You will need to uninstall the old Syria_X FSX@WAR pack and install the updated one. You will see more targets if you have done this correctly. Once you have installed the new pack you will need to load the newest campaign file as well located in the member's lobby named Day12.campaign. If you have any questions message me on Discord for further instructions.

// NOTAM 1891105 //

SIMAF Events Website and it's fsAcars system


When using the new events system, pilot's must make sure that they have both fsAcars running to get credit for their flight. You will still need to book your aircraft on the main website and create a UCC mission id, which will be your password like we normally do. You will also need to have the events fsAcars running as well, and once you book either a VUL or non-VUL mission the mission ID will be the password you use for that fsAcars program. This is the same way we did it for VATMILEX for those who were with us last year, the steps are exactly the same. If you have any questions about this please contact your Majcom Commanders or Air-Staff if necessary. Following these instructions is very important with Exercise Inherent Vigilance going on and Operation Deep Freeze starting in a little over three weeks. Both of these events will be using this system so we need to make sure everyone is familiar with how to properly use it. Again if there are any questions let us know ASAP. Thank you for your time and hope to see you in the skies real soon.