Red Flag Alaska 2019

Red Flag Alaska 2019

LOC: Eielson AFB, Alaska (PAEI)

STARTEX: 01 Apr 2019 // 00:01

ENDEX: 28 Apr 2019 // 23:59

RED FLAG-Alaska, a series of Pacific Air Forces commander-directed field training exercises for U.S. forces, provides joint offensive counter-air, interdiction, close air support, and large force employment training in a simulated combat environment. SIMAF's Red Flag Alaska is a simulation based on what the U.S. Air Force does yearly. The use of TacPack, FSX@WAR, and FSCAI will be used during this event.

Registered Pilots:

|Jason Norment|Ancele Prince|Eleuterio Ramos|James Thomas|Sean Peterson|Jim Daly

Event Taskings
Event Flights


Date Pilot Mission ID Departure Arrival Cargo (lbs) Distance Hours Landing VS


ID Pilot Aircaft Departure Arrival Mission Type Cargo PAX Hours